“Working to reunite lost pets and helping injured animals .”

Welcome to Harvey's Army website.

Harvey’s Army has been a registered charity since June 2014 and was set up after the tragic death of a miniature poodle called Harvey.


Harvey bolted through an open door at 10pm on the 23rd November 2013. He was both micro-chipped and wearing a collar with ID tag.


Because of this is it was believed that if Harvey had of been found his owner would have been notified.


This was not the case.

Harvey looking cute in Garden.

For 13 weeks Harvey’s family searched everywhere, leafleted, set up a Facebook Campaign “Find Harvey” newspaper and radio articles.

From this an employee of the Highways Agency recognised Harvey and advised that she in fact retrieved Harvey’s body from the M62 some 21 minutes after he had left the house.


Harvey was never scanned for a microchip and although he was wearing a collar with ID tag his owners were not notified


Harvey's body was placed into cold storage until February 2014 and then cremated.


His owners were only made aware of this after the event.


After obtaining information from the Freedom of Information Act it was discovered that the Highways Agency were planning on phasing out the Area Management Memo 65/05, the very procedure that should have been used when dealing with Harvey’s case.


From this came Harvey’s Army which was launched to combat what happened to Harvey from ever happening to another family.

Harvey’s Law, the online petition, was launched in March 2014 and over 123k people signed the petition.


The petition was debated in Parliament in March 2015 with 18 MPs in attendance.


It was unanimously agreed that the removal of 67/05 was to be overturned and reinstated with immediate effect together with Harvey’s Mandate to ensure that any deceased dog or cat retrieved from the Highway will be scanned for a microchip, a detailed log report filed and both the police and animal warden notified.


 In addition a recommendation was made to all local councils that Harvey’s Mandate should be extended to all council roads.  For the first time this mandate was to cover cats as well as dogs.


Harvey’s Army has grown significantly and now has over 250 volunteers situated in the North and South of England, Scotland and Wales.

The number of domestic pets scanned by us in 2016:






Dogs Reunited


Dogs Scanned




Cats Scanned




Cats Reunited


(This includes Ferrets, Cows, Swans, Horses and



Other Reunited





Harvey’s Army are now backing the petition Rory’s Mandate which is to ensure compulsory Microchip Scanning of all Domestic Pets by Network Rail.


 Rory was a Shih Tzu that went missing whist on a walk on the 03rd December 2016.  Rory was found deceased by a Network Rail Track Walker on the 06th December 2016 and subsequently buried track side.


Rory’s family continued to search for him and an article was placed in the local newspaper.  The track walker recognised Rory’s picture and on the 16th December 2016 the family were notified.


After much public pressure Rory was retrieved from the track side and his family were given the closure that they required.

 Harvey’s Army intend to ensure that this does not happen to any other family.